Novamax Commercial Air Coolers

Novamax Commercial Air Coolers

Commercial Coolers

The summers are hard on everyone. Everyone wants a gush of cool wind that cools them down and be a lifesaver in the summers.

The New Novamax Commercial Air Cooler can be your lifesaver in this scorching heat and fill your senses with the coolest air waves indoors and outdoors.

The Novamax 90 Litre Air Cooler is specially designed for heavy-duty use that can be used for longer times and higher performance mechanism and a speed setting from low to high where you can adjust the fan speed according to your requirements.

The Heavy Duty Commercial Cooler gives high-performance a new face where the cooler is specifically used for commercial use and can be used outdoors and indoors.

The Novamax Commercial cooler comes with motorized Air Deflection with a Powerful Air Delivery system of 8000 CFM and air throw up to 105 feet. This technology will cool down the person standing nearby and at the farthest distance with real ease and can be used for the longest time without any complications.

Novamax Rambo Cooler has high water retention capacity with its honeycomb pads and Anti Bacterial properties, which provides a superior cooling experience and ensures the water is not dried at a rapid speed and has a clean and fresh, breathable air and cleaner environment.

The Cooler comes with 90 Litre Tank, and Auto Water Refill System, and easy to locate water indicator that helps you to be tension free from the hassle of filling the tank of the cooler again and again, and you can easily check the water levels with ease for an extra cooling breeze.

The Cooler comes with relatively Lower Power Consumption and can easily run on Inverter Power, power outages, and electricity fluctuations. Novamax Cooler can be your ultimate companion in every electrical condition in any part of the world.

Novamax Rambo Air Cooler has an Elegant, Rich look with Grey Finish that gives the user premium build quality. It also comes with High-Grade Shock Proof and Rust Free Body Exterior that keeps the cooler highly durable and the user Extra Safe at every moment.

It also comes with Easy To Clean Interiors that help the user clean the cooler inside- out and be ready for the next use in the shortest time.

Novamax Rambo Commercial Air Cooler comes with a 1 Year Warranty that will ensure the user has a great experience and fix any Manufacturing Defects on the cooler's body.